coldmirror – Folge 34

It’s that time again. The Kaddy is back. coldmirror buckled again the bionic rocket boots and shoots herself and us into the vacuum of senseless stupidity. Along with shameless product placement the lowest sole gehirnentkernten Basteltipps of Kaddis nervensägiger roommate Hauke ​​- which could be as well as straight from the infamous depression-catalog - and a re-enactment of Jurassic Park, in which herself appears the Augsburg Puppet Theatre as a Special FX thunderstorm. Of course, the usual suspects have also again her sticky middle finger in the pie: The sociopathic Japanoschlampen embark on a school field trip of horror, while Vladimir is committed to chronic Inflatulenz. The new cold mirror 5C - now in color!

coldmirror Folge 34 vom 07. November 2013

vor 5 Jahren

„Es gab einmal ein Zeitalter, es war das griechische, da war der Mensch das Maß aller Dinge. Heute sind die Dinge das Maß aller Menschen.“
(Werner Finck; * 2. Mai 1902; † 31. Juli 1978)