Human Installation I: Gender Obsolescence

Human Installation I: Gender Obsolescence by Kyrahm + Julius Kaiser …

The biological sex as skin, gender as a sense of self. Path, crossing, transition. The work combines the body art to the philosophical concepts of queer theory.

The naked body and the I. The mask and the stereotype.
It’s a gynandroid performance where the transition process is intermingled with poetry.
Sex is represented as skin, female, male. Gender is represented in the sense of self, of man, and of woman. A journey, a crossing, a transition. Naked bodies lined up slowly coming closer. Each individual has a story. They are holding hands. Changing sex is painful like birth. The golden masks on their faces are not to hide their identities: In fact as they come closer it is possible to distinguish their genders: a biological man, a trans man, a trans woman, a biological woman. From the bottom of the stage, a female creature unfolds from behind a black towel and goes to stand behind them: she walks across touching the bodies, one after the other. The pain is tiring, the flesh a substance to be shaped. The solemn rite of dressing up – in trousers, jacket and tie: it's the return to the opposite. For a transsexual changing sex is not becoming a man but a return to being a man. There is no need to wear the masks anymore: the self is revealed.

vor 3 Jahren
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„Er hat sich den Nagel selbst gespitzt, auf den er getreten ist.“
(Abraham a Sancta Clara; * 2. Juli 1644; † 1. Dezember 1709)