Olli Dittrich feat. Jan Böhmermann – „Life In The Streets (Journalism!)“

Die Journalisten der Welt riskieren täglich ihr Leben, arbeiten eingepfercht in Käfighaltung für einen Hungerlohn – und werden dafür auch noch verachtet. Jan Böhmermann (Journalist) und Olli Dittrich (hat den Journalismus mit der Vatermilch aufgesogen) finden: Es ist an der Zeit, dass diesem geächteten Berufsstand endlich ein musikalisches Denkmal gesetzt wird!

Ha, yeah. I know what you're all thinking:
“I don’t need journalism, I have the Internet.”
No, no my friends, think about the human beings behind the scenes/headlines.
Did you know: journalist have feelings, too?

Yo, this job is tough, in the streets of Germany,
You poorly-paid pillars of society
writing, editing, checking the facts
journalists are great, we owe them respect.
You put your fingers in the wounds of the powerful,
your opinions are strong and your language so colorful
We never thank you, we take your work for granted,
You give a voice to the underrepresented!

Life in the streets isn’t easy
All you see is pain and misery
You write and fight for the betrayed
You bring us information to survive in this society

This is life in the streets (we need journalists)
and journalists live it. (they drink a lot of alcohol)
This is life in the streets (some are in the Presseversorgungswerk)
and journalists live it. (and the Künstlersozialkasse)

Always in the loop, on the hunt for a scoop,
improve ratings, please the focus group,
Yo! It’s a tough job, but if you do it right
you might someday win a Pulitzer Prize.
From Panama Papers to rabbit breeders,
“content is king” for the viewers and the readers
Behind the paywall the sky is limit,
We need Journalism – come on, Olli, sing it!

Life in the streets is a mystery
Too much research will kill your story
Endless discussions with your editor
and in the end you and your friends can barely pay the rent.

This is life in the streets (Journalism is important)
and journalists live it (they’re not in it for the money)
This is life in the streets (don’t scare away the advertisers)
and journalists live it. (Presserabatt & Volontariat)
This is life in the streets (everyone can be a journalist)
and journalists live it. (journalism is cool)

Olli Dittrich feat. Jan Böhmermann – „Life In The Streets (Journalism!)" | NEO MAGAZIN ROYALE



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