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Yingmei Duan & Mirko Winkel – Friend

„Friend“ – eine Live Performance von Yingmei Duan & Mirko Winkel.

Duration of the Live Performance: approx. 3 minutes
HBK Braunschweig, Germany,2003

段英梅 & 米尔科•温克尔现场行为作品
现场行为持续时间: 大约3分钟

In collaboration with Mirko Winkel
“I come from China, which has a very different culture. There is no sex education in the school system.
Before I was 21 years old, I really knew nothing about sex and I had never even said the word
out loud. I had a lot of questions in my mind at that time, for example: Why does a woman become
pregnant? Where do I come from? Why do parents have so many arguments?…This continued
until the day a girlfriend asked me what I knew about sex, I have been very busy since that day.”