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MrSpinnert von MrSpinnert, vor 10 Jahren
Bröselmaschine • (I Once Loved) Lassie

Bröselmaschine mit (I Once Loved) Lassie aus dem Jahr 1971. I once loved a lass ist ein schottisches Volkslied und erzählt die Geschichte von der falschen Braut und ihrem verlassenen Liebhaber. Die Geschichte des Textes reicht bis ins Jahr 1670 zurück, aus dieser Zeit ist die Ballade The Forlorn Lover überliefert. Die schottische Variante I once loved a Lass stammt von Ewan MacColl und Peggy Seeger aus dem Jahr 1956.

I once loved a lass
I loved her sae weel
I hated all others who spoke of her ill
But now she’s rewarded me well for my love
For she’s gone to be wed to another

I saw my love to the church go
With bridesgroom and bridesmaidens they made a fine show
And I followed on with my heart full of woe
She was gone to be wed to another

I saw my love sit down to dine
As I sat down beside her I poured out the wine
I drank to the lassie that should have been mine
Even though she’d been wed to another

The men o’ the forest
They ask it o’ me
How many strawberries grow in the south sea?
I answer them a’ with a tear in my ee’
How many ships sail in the forest

Dig me a grave
Dig it sae deep
And cover me over wi’ flo’ers sae sweet
And I will lay down and tak’ a long sleep
And maybe in time I’ll forget her