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MrSpinnert von MrSpinnert, vor 76 Jahren
Good Sam (1948)

„Good Sam“ is a 1948 Black & White romantic comedy-drama film directed by Leo McCarey. The screenplay by Ken Englund is based on a story by Leo McCarey and John D. Klorer.

Sam Clayton is too good for his own good. A sermon by Reverend Daniels persuades him to help others in every way he can, including his wife’s, Lu, good-for-nothing brother, Claude, who’s been living with them rent-free for six months, and their neighbors the Butlers, who need a car for a vacation when theirs breaks down.

Sam is a department store manager whose boss, H.C. Borden, wants him to sell more and socialize less. Sam’s a shoulder for clerk Shirley Mae to cry on when her romance breaks up. He also gives a $5,000 loan, without his wife’s knowledge, to Mr. and Mrs. Adams, who need it to save a gas station they bought.

Lu is fed up with Sam’s generosity, particularly when he ends up paying for the Butlers’ car repairs, then letting the mechanic come over for home-cooked meals. The last straw for Lu comes when she learns they have a chance to put a down payment on a new house, except Sam has lent their nest egg to the Adams.

Sam is unhappy, too. He’s annoyed with the Butlers, who have crashed his car and can’t pay to fix it. He also wants Claude to move out. Shirley Mae’s troubles come to his door after she overdoses on pills. Though the Adamses surprise him with a check for $6,000 to repay their loan, Sam uses some of the money to pay for the annual Christmas charity dinner after he is robbed of the money he collected from employees and the bank refuses to give him a loan.

He ends up in a bar, drinking copiously. A Salvation Army marching band playing Christmas songs brings him back home. There the bank manager promises that he will receive the loan he asked for, and Borden surprises him with a promotion to vice-president of the store.


  • Gary Cooper – Sam Clayton
  • Ann Sheridan – Lu Clayton
  • Ray Collins – Reverend Daniels
  • Edmund Lowe – H.C. Borden
  • Joan Lorring – Shirley Mae
  • Clinton Sundberg – Nelson
  • Minerva Urecal – Mrs. Nelson
  • Louise Beavers – Chloe
  • Dick Ross – Claude
  • Lora Lee Michel – Lulu
  • Bobby Dolan Jr. – Butch
  • Matt Moore – Mr. Butler
  • Netta Packer – Mrs. Butler
  • Ruth Roman – Ruthie
  • Carol Stevens – Mrs. Adams
  • Todd Karns – Joe Adams
  • Irving Bacon – Tramp
  • William Frawley – Tom Moore
  • Harry Hayden – Banker

„Good Sam“ ist eine romantische Filmkomödie in Schwarz-Weiß aus dem Jahr 1948 unter der Regie von Leo McCarey. Das Drehbuch von Ken Englund basiert auf einer Geschichte von Leo McCarey und John D. Klorer.

Sam Clayton ist zu gut für sein eigenes Wohl. Eine Predigt von Reverend Daniels bringt ihn dazu, anderen auf jede erdenkliche Weise zu helfen, darunter dem Taugenichts-Bruder Claude seiner Frau Lu, der seit sechs Monaten mietfrei bei ihnen wohnt, und den Nachbarn, den Butlers, die ein Auto für einen Urlaub brauchen, als ihres kaputt geht.

Sam ist ein Kaufhausmanager, dessen Chef, H.C. Borden, von ihm verlangt, mehr zu verkaufen und weniger zu verkehren. Sam ist eine Schulter für die Angestellte Shirley Mae, an der sie sich ausweinen kann, als ihre Romanze in die Brüche geht. Außerdem gibt er ohne das Wissen seiner Frau einen Kredit über 5.000 Dollar an Mr. und Mrs. Adams, die ihn brauchen, um eine Tankstelle zu retten, die sie gekauft haben.