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MrSpinnert von MrSpinnert, vor 12 Jahren
Kill Bill Parts 1 & 2, in One Minute, in One Take (and titles)
In chronological order. (also once and for all Vernita Green is there, she’s the one with the cereal box on her hand. Her snakey codename in the film was Copperhead and for some reason we always remembered her as that instead of Vernita Green, plus it’s easier to say Copperhead really quickly) (WATCH IN HD) A University of York Filmmaking Society production Devised, directed and edited by Joe Burgess, Rocco Sulkin and Will Tribble. Artistic direction and costume design Laura Archer Filmed by Sebastian Owen Dolly Gripped by Gassan Suliman Assistant Artistic direction Immy Willetts Pip Cooper Michelle Farrelli Anne-Marie Greenland Mary Mason Fraser Walters Helen Nianias Will Gumbs (for awesome samurai swords) Photographer/Runner Angela Liu Starring A Mysterious Lady as The Bride Joe Burgess as The Priest Will Tribble as Bill Gassan Suliman as the husband Immy Willetts as Elle Laura Archer as O Ren Ishii Cathrine Simpson as Copperhead and a crazy 88 Rocco Sulkin as Bud Stuart Lindsay as Buck Patrick Sholl as an Ordily and a crazy 88 Charlie Jiang as Hatori Hanzo Gene Kindberg-Hanlon as a crazy 88 Erik O’connor as a crazy 88 Will Gumbs as a crazy 88 Pip Cooper as Gogo Ross Bennett as Pai Mei Marcus Tibbitts as Esteban Camera and editing equipment courtesy of York Filmmaking Society.