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MrSpinnert von MrSpinnert, vor 93 Jahren
Morals for Women (1931) colorized

„Morals for Women“ is a 1931 drama film directed by Mort Blumenstock, based on a story and the screnplay by Frances Hyland.

A desperate woman turns to prostitution but is saved by true love in this vintage cautionary tale.
Helen Huston is having an affair with her boss, Van Dyne, who puts her up in a swanky apartment where she entertains his clients with ladies to pair them off. Helen’s old sweetheart, Paul, gets back in touch with her after making good and wants to marry her if a particular business deal goes through. He’s built his life around marrying her. Surprised, she decides to quit her scandalous job and go home so she’s no longer in a compromising position, although she’s not sure Paul will accept her once he knows about her past. At home, Helen’s younger sister is practically engaged to a wealthy man and needs money to go to his family’s place over the summer. Helen gives her the cash. Meanwhile, her brother tells her openly that rumors about her are pretty ugly. When he gets into a severe physical fight with someone talking badly of her, she must pay the bully’s medical bills or else her brother will go to jail. To pay them, she has to go back to her scandalous life, even if it risks her potential marriage.


  • Bessie Love – Helen Huston
  • Conway Tearle – Van Dyne
  • John Holland – Paul Cooper
  • Natalie Moorhead – Flora
  • Emma Dunn – Mrs. Huston
  • June Clyde – Lorraine Huston
  • Edmund Breese – Mr. Huston
  • David Rollins – Bill Huston
  • Lina Basquette – Claudia
  • Virginia Lee Corbin – Maybelle
  • Crauford Kent – Mr. Marston
  • Otis Harlan – Mr. Johnston
  • George Olsen – Orchestra Leader (archive footage)
  • Ethan Allen
  • Norman Budd
  • Wilbur Higby
  • John Hyams
  • Walter Perry
  • Lillian Rich

„Morals for Women“ ist ein Drama von Mort Blumenstock aus dem Jahr 1931, das auf einer Geschichte und dem Drehbuch von Frances Hyland basiert.

Eine verzweifelte Frau wendet sich der Prostitution zu, wird aber durch die wahre Liebe in diesem alten Mahnmal gerettet.